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Our Story

Products made by SOXCO are used by 1+ million customers across the globe.

Innovative Design,

Superior Comfort,

Great Durability

You know that feeling you get when a hitchhiker thanks you for the ride, or when it is 5 pm on a Friday ? That's "Feeling Good." We asked ourselves what can we do to feel that way more often. The answer was surprisingly simple - create something that makes both us and the people who use our products "Feel Good". That's Soxco raison d'être.

Design Inspiration

We set out to create socks that are simple and discreetly vibrant. We brought together delightful colours, inspiring design and the finest of materials to craft a collection of socks that are revised multiple times a year.


Product Quality

Premium Combed Cotton

Made from best-of-class premium combed cotton available in the market. Each pair is crafted from cotton yarn of the highest quality sourced from one of the oldest cotton spinning mills in India.

Premium elastane used in the socks for extended durability is sourced from South East Asia.



Our socks are knitted in state-of-the-art export oriented production lines alongside socks of premium global brands with specs suitable to meet some of the strictest standards set by brands for retailing in the US and EU markets.


Durable Elastane

Premium elastane used in the socks for extended durability sourced from Soth East Asia


Founder's background

There isn't an inspiration greater than making something people want to fall in love with. That’s why I decided to start Soxco offering socks exclusively on our store to fans across the Globe.

Entrepreneurship is my passion. It gives me the freedom to do what I love – read books, travel places, afternoon naps, watch cricket, and most importantly create things people love.

I am an engineer (obviously?!) from BITS; I worked in the IT industry and then went on to do my MBA from the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. It is somewhat true that I wouldn't do any of those given a second chance. I would start up straight after high-school.

- Avinash Errigineni (Founder)